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A Tejano Knight:
The Quest of Don Juan Seguin

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The Last Comanche Chief

  The Last Comanche Chief was author Bill Neeley's highly acclaimed biography of Quanah Parker published in 1995.

Bill Neeley

 Author of A Tejano Knight (2017) & 

The Last Comanche Chief (1995). 

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A Tejano Knight

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A Tejano Knight - Reviews

Henry Ray Lozada, Lubbock Texas

Organizations and Membership

President- South Plains Genealogical Society-Lubbock, Texas 

Member-The Canary Islands Descendants Association- San Antonio, Texas 

Member- Los Bexarenos Genealogical and Historical Society-San Antonio, Texas 

Member-The National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution, Texas Society- San Antonio, Texas 

Member- San Antonio Genealogical and Historical Society- San Antonio, Texas 

Board Member - Lubbock County , Texas Historical Commission

Ray Lozada writes - "It is not often that I am moved by the reading of a book, much less a biography. A Tejano Knight, The Quest of Don Juan Seguin, did to me, what few other books have done. I was moved by the courage displayed by Don Juan Seguin, the determination he showed and the sacrifice he was willing to endure. The hero of the book is faced with life changing decisions, not only of his life, but of those he loved. He faced them without hesitation, for he knew where his priorities were, God, Family and Country. The betrayal of those he wanted to help the most, left me with a feeling of anger. His Dream of making Texas a Republic, a free country with Freedom and Justice for all, left me with a sense of admiration for Juan.  The rejection he faced from Tejas, not the one he was born in, but the one Texas would become, filled me with sadness.  His Faith and Belief was so strong, that even to the end, his Dream endured, Dios y Tejas (God and Country), that brings a smile to my face."

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